About Refresh Dietetics

A few years back we were looking for a name which incorporated the splash of lime logo and my business theme. Having citrus trees prolific in the back yard it seemed fitting to choose from such healthy produce. A splash of lime can make a subtle but important difference to a beverage or meal. So, my brother, who is a scenic artist, designed my new business card with the lime theme. This was a "refreshing" change after a purple background card with the 5 food groups straight out of the '80's!

Chatting to an old friend over the other side of the world who had just finished a marketing degree, we decided my business was about refreshing diets. People experience many changes over a lifetime. These may be to do with medical conditions, family adjustments, house or job moves, weight changes, financial circumstances, the inevitable ageing process, or simply changes in priorities. For most people one diet doesn't fit all circumstances and hence the need for a little nutrition fine tuning along the way. I have always liked programs on my PC where there is a "refresh" button - change the odd item, push refresh, and Voila new page with all the adjustments made, in smooth transition, ready to go!

Changing eating patterns doesn't always happen that smoothly but with a bit of guidance from an experienced dietitian, who takes into account your present habits and comprehends medical or lifestyle changes, refreshing your diet can be made as smooth as possible.



Jasper Health -
443 Centre Road, Bentleigh 3204.
PHONE 9557 1700 for appointment.
FAX 9557 2700.

Melway Reference 77 E1

Between Jasper Road and Godfrey St

5 minute walk from Bentleigh Station 1-2 hour parking is available behind the shops or in side streets

Session Times:-

Tuesdays 9.30am to 7.00pm


Beaumaris Medical Centre -
29 North Concourse, Beaumaris 3193.
PHONE 9589 4559 for appointment.
FAX 9589 0522.

Melway Reference 86 D7

Opposite "The Lobster Cave" Restaurant Parking available in the shopping precinct and in nearby parking bays

Session Times:-

Fridays 9.45am to 2.15pm
Saturday mornings, one session per month

Jenny's Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science, Deakin University (1984)
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Dietetics, Deakin University(1985)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Exercise Medicine, Monash University(2002)
  • Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) Accredited annually
  • Accredited Nutritionist (AN) accredited annually


Jenny's Experience

Clinical Dietetics

  • Ballarat Base Hospital
  • Caulfield Hospital
  • Cabrini Hospital
  • Masada Private Hospital

Food Service

  • Masada Private Hospital

Community Dietetics

  • Caulfield Community Health Service
  • Peninsula Community Health Service
  • MonashLink Community Health Service

Private Practice

  • Commenced 1988


  • Company Inservices
  • Groups and Classes

What does Accredited Practising Dietitian mean?

Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) are recognised professionals with the qualifications and skills to provide expert nutrition and dietary advice. They know about food and health and can help you sort through the maze of nutrition information.

APDs are qualified to advise individuals and groups on nutrition related matters. They also have clinical training to modify diets to treat conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancers, gastro-intestinal diseases, food allergies and intolerances and overweight and obesity.

APDs have sound university qualifications accredited by DAA, undertake ongoing training and education and comply with the Associations guidelines for best practice. They are committed to the DAA Code of Professional Conduct and Statement of Ethical Practice, and to providing quality service.

APD is the only national credential recognised by the Australian Government, Medicare, the Department of Veterans Affairs and most private health funds as the quality standard for nutrition and dietetics services in Australia. It is a recognised trademark protected by law.

Source: www.daa.asn.au