• Individual consultations
  • Review consultations
  • Home Visits (for DVA clients or other special circumstances)
  • Groups (arranged as need arises)
  • Seminars/Inservices - Tailored to suit specific audiences

Who needs to see a Dietitian?

A Dietitian can assist those who would like to lose body fat or gain body mass.

Those who have a diet related medical condition such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol or other Blood Fats, High Blood Pressure, Bowel disorders, Reflux, some Cancers, Anaemia, Food intolerances etc. can benefit from a review with a Dietitian, just to give some examples.

Some people may have nutrition related questions, or just be interested in eating the best diet possible for them. Some examples are:- general good health, preventing diseases which may run in their family, becoming vegetarian, for a healthy pregnancy or for maximum energy throughout their day.

Referral Methods

  • Self-referral
  • GP referral
  • Specialist referral
  • Other allied health professional e.g. Physiotherapist, Psychologist etc.
  • Hospital or Rehabilitation referral
  • Case Manager
  • Employer

A letter of referral can be useful particularly if there is a medical condition involved or blood test results etc, but is not essential.

If a referral letter is received, the Dietitian will send a letter in response following the initial consultation outlining the assessment and plans. A client may also request the Dietitian send a letter to their GP or specialist.

What To Expect From A Dietetic Consultation

The first visit takes approximately one hour and any subsequent visits, if required, take 20 to 30 minutes.

Much of the first hour is spent exploring present food intake patterns, likes & dislikes, meal times, activity output and lifestyle.

The Dietitian and the client work together, gradually adjusting areas which need modification, setting goals, finding tools for motivation, discussing nutrient needs, food composition, shopping and cooking skills, eating out, meal/snack patterns and other topics of relevance depending on medical conditions or individual needs.

Reviews, when required, are spaced at fortnightly intervals or longer, as appropriate for each client.

The duration of time a client will require ongoing appointments with the Dietitian is very individual. This is usually discussed at the initial session.